Using LinkedIn effectively 

A professionally written LinkedIn profile allows you to create an online professional brand which can help open doors to opportunities and networks. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections.


Your profile is the first professional impression of you when recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates. It also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your achievements. Many people still underestimate the importance of LinkedIn in their job search. 

LinkedIn is also an excellent research tool to help you research the person that is interviewing you and the company culture.  


  • Message: How do you send a professional and effective personal invite/message which can lead to a foot-in-the-door?

  • Branding: How you brand yourself online which can then lead to connections or opportunities? 

  • Profile Views: How can you utilize your Profile Views and convert them into connections?

  • Engagement: How do you effectively engage with a professional's content to lead to a connection?

  • LinkedIn Job board: New opportunities exist throughout the LinkedIn site that may not exist on traditional job boards. You can directly apply for roles and also connect with hiring managers.

  • Recruiters reaching out: How to optimise your LinkedIn so recruiters reach out to you? 

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