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Interview Tips - The STAR method

How to answer behavioral interview questions with the STAR Method?

How to answer behavioral interview questions with the STAR Method?

Behavioral interview questions are more about your experiences, rather than you as a person. 

For example, the interviewer could ask you to the following: Q: “Tell me about a time where you resolved a conflict at the workplace.” 


The goal of this type of interview questions is to determine how you respond to specific issues or problems. 

Anyone can say that they excel in a stressful environment. Not everyone, however, can back it up with a story or an experience. 

STAR method 

The simplest way to approach behavioral interview questions is the STAR method 

•(S) Situation - Describe the situation in which the event took place. 

•(T) Task - Talk about the tasks you had to complete in order to solve the problem. 

•(A) Action - Explain the actions you took to complete the tasks. 

•(R) Results - Explain what kind of results you achieved. When possible, mention numbers and quantifiable facts (“This improved sales” VS. “This improved cold lead response rates by 20%”)

10 common interview questions 


  1. Tell Me About Yourself

  2. What Is Your Greatest Strength? 

  3. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

  4. What Are Your Career Goals?

  5. What are the most important things you are looking for in your next role?

  6. Why Are You Interested In This Job Or Industry?

  7. How Would Your Boss and Coworkers Describe You?

  8. What are your salary expectations?

  9.  What motivates you?

  10.  Do You Have Any Questions For Me (the interviewer)?

You can prepare for all these questions before any job interview. For interview coaching on how to best prepare before your next job interview please contact us today! 

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