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Student Life

Does your son or daughter need an Expert Career Mentor? 

  • There are more graduates than professional graduate jobs available.

  • Graduates are also competing with International university students. 

  • Academic scores are no longer the only requirements for employers.

  • Employers want graduates with relevant experience that are workplace-ready.

  • Universities place more emphasis on academics rather than each student's career.

  • Schools or universities do not teach students how to find a job.  

You wouldn't expect your son or daughter to get good at playing tennis without providing them with an experienced tennis coach and many hours of practice. Likewise, it is not realistic to expect your son or daughter to be really good at completing job applications and outperforming other candidates in job interviews.

You are familiar with the concept of hiring an academic tutor or a sports instructor to help your son or daughter to excel in a specific area, but have you ever considered getting them a Graduate Mentor to get them on the right career ladder?


Get in touch with us today and let us help you turn your child's degree into a graduate-level job.


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