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Mentoring and Job Coaching

Mentors can you help you with; 

  • Career guidance. 

  • Current job performance.

  • Handling the office environment.

  • Passing probation.

  • Career progression: getting promoted and when to move on.

  • Negotiating pay rises and promotions.

  • Building your professional network. 

  • Job application process. 

  • How to start well in your first 90 days

We match you with experienced mentors who are leaders in their industry.   
Our mentors are carefully screened and are from a variety of industries.

They come from Fortune 500, blue-chip companies or well-funded start-ups.

They are here to help you with any career development questions you may have on your career as they have been in your shoes.


Why you should pay for a Mentor? 

  • It’s Hard to Get Good, Free Mentors.

  • Quality Mentorship is Better than Free Mentorship

  • Good Mentors Have Good Connections. 

  • Mentors may know if there are any job opportunities in their company or network.

Are you interested in being a Mentor? Contact us today

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