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How to Research a Company 

10 tips to research a company before your interview 

1. Visit the company website. Understand the role within the department and the function of the department within the organization. Recognize the management structure. 

 2. Review the company financials if available. Review the company's annual shareholder report and the share price over the past six months. 

 3. Investigate any company social media presence, following, and activity. 

 4. Search Bloomberg, FT, Wall Street Journal and local mainstream media, for company mentions within the past six months. 

5. Search the company on Seeking Alpha - This is where analysts write articles about the stock price and performance of companies 


6. Identify the company's competitors. 

7.  Determine the workplace culture. Look at reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed to research what is like to work there

8. Research the interviewer on LinkedIn and Google. Two related questions asked in interviews are: 
What do you know about this company?
Why do you want to work for this company? 


9. Ask family and friends if they know anyone working there


10. Make the most of LinkedIn 

Demonstrate in the interview that you have researched the company so that you can articulate how you will add value to the organization. 


Do your homework and invest the time to prepare so that you can ace the interview! 

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