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Expert Career Mentors helps you achieve your dream career!

We provide a personalised career coaching service for graduates and young working professionals. We do this by sharing our proven job search strategies, career planning and connecting you with an industry expert who has been in your shoes before.

Our network of Expert Career Mentors are leaders in their field with over a decade of experience. They work in a variety of industries from Fortune 500 firms to top venture-funded tech start-ups.

Expert Career Mentors was founded by Edwin Ang, who noticed that most people have never been taught the most fundamental lesson of all: how to go about getting a job. Getting a degree doesn’t guarantee a job! He graduated in 2009 after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), much like the economy today. 


Since then Edwin has worked in 4 different countries; Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, and several large technology companies like Telstra, Intel, Apple, Inmarsat and foodpanda. He shares his secrets as a candidate attending multiple interviews around the world, as a Program Manager managing the CSD Telstra Graduate Program of 25 graduates and his perspectives currently as an active hiring manager across Asia.

The Expert Career Mentors team and the wide network of successful Mentors have all been in your shoes. We want to share our secrets to help you land your dream job! 

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